1. All games are 20 minutes in length (two 10-minute halves).
  2. Teams must be at their designated “rink” 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  3. Teams that are late for their game will lose by 1-0 forfeit.
  4. Players must wear protective eyewear/sunglasses suitable to prevent sand from getting in their own eyes. 
  5. Players usually choose to play barefoot; however, footwear may be worn. Players may wear gloves, helmet, and cage.
  6. Each team will play 3 round robin games. 
  7. After round robin play, teams that are tied will go to a tiebreaker (see “Tiebreakers” section below). 
  8. Teams with the best records in their divisions will advance to the Playoff rounds (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, winners play championship game). 
  9. Center-sand face-off is used to start each period and after each goal.
  10. Players MAY NOT touch the ball with their hands in any manner. Handball’s will result in a penalty shot.
  11. Players MAY NOT intentionally use their feet to play the ball in any manner. Kicking the ball will result in a penalty shot.
  12. Goalies MAY touch the ball with their hands and freeze the ball for a whistle ONLY. After freezing the ball the goalie must play it OFF THE SAND from the goal crease WITH HIS STICK. Goalies MAY NOT throw the ball to a teammate or in any direction whatsoever. Goalies throwing or tossing the ball will result in a penalty shot.
  13. Balls going out of bounds will result in a change of possession (played back in OFF THE SAND by stick from outside boundary rope).
  14. Dangerous sticks near a player’s face are not allowed and will result in a penalty shot (repeat offenders will be ejected).
  15. Any obstruction penalty (tripping, holding, slashing, etc.) will result in a penalty shot.
  16. Aggressive physical play will result in a penalty shot. Repeat violators will be ejected or result in a team forfeit (referee’s discretion). 
  17. Each team may roster 5 players (in the event of injury causing a player to leave the tournament, a player may be added).
  18. Each team is allowed 4 participants (3 players and a goalie) to play at any given time. 
  19. Two (2) points will be awarded for a win, One (1) point for a tie, and Zero (0) for a loss.
  20. Fighting, disorderly behavior, or verbal abuse towards officials, opponents, or spectators will result in ejection from the tournament. This rule applies to players, spectators, coaches, and/or any other attendees.

Tiebreaker – Teams tied after round robin play will be decided as follows:

  1. Number of Wins 
  2. Head-to-Head (winner of head-to-head round robin game)
  3. Best GF/GA differential
  4. Most GF
  5. Least GA
  6. Shootout